solo a star wars story

It is getting increasingly hard to believe that ‘Solo: A Star Wars Movie’ is really going to come out in May of 2018, especially when you consider the fact that is already January of 2018, and we do not yet have a trailer, a teaser, cast photos, or even a shot of Alden Ehrenreich in character as young Han Solo! The only thing that can possible soothe the fears of fans and make us believe that things might just turn out okay is the fact that Ron Howard is the man directing right now, and he does know what he is doing and seems to be fairly confident in his ability to get it all done. And almost from the moment he took over directorial duties he has kept up a social media presence to remind fans that the film is still being worked on, that people were still shooting the movie, and that a lot of folks, including himself, were still very excited to be working on the young Han Solo movie, and keen to see it done right.

Below you can explore a pretty complete collection of Howard’s photos from the set of ‘Solo,’ from the most obscure shots of random bits of “junk” to the more memorable Twitter photos of certain “mines” he posted with captions like “Spicey,” everything is below. I especially enjoy the shots of Howard posing with actors from the film, as they all seem mostly happy and confident with the new director, including Donald Glover, Emilia Clarke, and Paul Bettany (who was brought in during reshoots), though again, it is worrisome that Howard never posted anything with Ehrenreich, even out of costume, but that may have been a Lucasfilm mandate to keep his look under wraps. Also cool to see are the photos of Chewie, the practical on-set side of the lightspeed effect, the interior shots of the Millenium Falcon (and the peaks behind Howard onto his monitors where you can see Glover’s Lando piloting the famous ship), and all the different locations the film seems to be taking the audiences to. Check out the photos for yourself below, and feel free to share your thoughts on any that you find particularly interesting in the comments section!

Source: EW