game of thrones

We may still be quite some time away from ‘Game of Thrones’ returning to HBO for its final season, but things are definitely on the move in Westeros and for the production companies bringing that world to life. Recent casting news has indicated that the young actors who played Alys Karstark (last surviving heir of the Karstark family after they turned on the Starks) and Ned Umber (also last surviving heir of his family after they turned on the Starks), Megan Parkinson and Harry Grasby respectively, will be returning for ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8.

The news about Parkinson’s return comes to us from her talent agency’s website which states that Parkinson will also be playing Alys Karstark in Season 8 of the hit series. Grasby’s return is a little more of a stretch, but a pretty firm one, as the young actor was spotted at the Belfast Airport, a likely route to get him to the ‘Game of Thrones’ locations for Season 8. Fans of the series should not be too surprised to hear about the return of House Karstark and Umber as Umber, in particular, has importance as being the family closest to the wall who will most likely be the first hit by the White Walkers now that they have invaded the North with Karstark not too far behind. Whether that means we will see these two young actors fighting bravely with their families to save their lands from the Night King and his undead hordes or merely watch them flee to Jon Snow for aid, we will have to wait for Season 8 to find out.

Other casting news comes to us from The Lisa Richards agency about an actor named Seamus O’Hara who apparently is “currently filming on HBO’s Game of Thrones.” Not much is known about what character he will be playing other than the fact that his name will be Fergus (news which came to us from website Spotlight), which is a name not known in the books, so this might be a brand new character for Season 8. Which you know, is a little odd considering the fact that it is a shortened season where we want to see the main stories wrapped up and not be focusing on new characters introduced that were not even in the books. But you never know, it could just be a fake name they are using to throw off the fans.

Do you have any new theories for the season based on the latest casting news? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Watchers On The Wall