‘Constantine’ fans rejoice! The show may be cancelled, but thanks for the folks over at ‘Arrow,’ the character will live on, at least in one episode of the upcoming 4th season of the show. It seems in episode 5 Constantine will be called upon to assist the team in the resurrection of Sara Lance, meaning that it will not solely be the Lazarus Pit that restores Sara to her former self.

And here’s the reasoning behind the need for extra help to resurrect Sara Lance, according to Marc Guggenheim:

“Unlike Thea, who wasn’t fully dead, the consequences of using the pit on someone as dead as Sara was creates some unforeseen difficulties… and John Constantine is uniquely suited to help our team deal with those.”

Guggenheim also went on to explain how adding Constantine to the show helps with the theme for this season, and adds to the world of the show:

“Each year on the show, we have added and expanded the mythology with different elements. In season two we introduced the idea of superpowers, last year brought in the League of Assassins, and for season four, we always had a plan to introduce magic and mysticism… We were already swimming in those waters and that’s why Constantine is this great organic little development.”

As far as the potential for Constantine to become a recurring character in the CW DC Universe, ‘Arrow’ Executive Producer Wendy Mericle had the following to say, coinciding with Guggenheim’s earlier statements about the appearance being a one-off:

“Right now, it really was — it’s born out of necessity for this particular story. I think Mark was right, it is a one off and this is what we’re focusing on right now…It was born more out of the storyline for Sara Lance. We needed someone to come in and help bring her back…He felt like the most exciting possibility and we’re just thrilled to get him. He brings such a different element to the show.”

When asked whether it was the same Constantine character as seen int he NBC show, Mericle confirmed with:

“Absolutely. He is coming in fully as who he was on the show. We’re getting wardrobe. We’re very excited to have him. He’s a tremendous actor. It’s so cool to have that cross-pollination. We are very lucky and DC was very generous letting us have him.” 

Of course, there is a lot of fan speculation that Constantine’s appearance on ‘Arrow’ might be a kind of test run for the producers, and if he does well and attracts a significant audience, he might be a candidate to appear as a recurring star on ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ but take that with a grain of salt. As mentioned above, the show’s creators are holding to the line that his appearance will only be for this one time, but fans can keep hope alive as long as he gets a good reception after his appearance on ‘Arrow.’

Source: TV Insider