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We’ve already known that there was a slew of deleted scenes from Stephen King‘s ‘It‘ that were removed before the final cut of the film and now we’ve learned another that will pop up when Andy Muschietti‘s masterpiece hits home release! With the 1,100-page novel already being split into two films, there was still too much to make even just the first half which focused on the Loser’s Club as kids.

In this scene, Nicholas Hamilton’s (‘The Dark Tower,’ ‘Captain Fantastic’) Henry Bowers ended up taking a few more lives near the end of the film while hunting down the Loser’s Club. In the cinematic take, we know that they only showed him brutally taking his father’s life after a combination of being pushed too far and the general mayhem that occurs in Derry, Maine, due to Pennywise but in this scene, you’ll see more deaths

Specifically, Bowers took out his friends as well, and when cruising around town looking for the kids, he had their corpses in the car with him.

You can take a peak right here!


There were not even 30-seconds that ended up being cut here but they really did an excellent job of showing just how far down the rabbit hole Henry fell. Honestly, I kind of feel like this one would have helped show precisely how demented he had become.

I’m kind of hoping that an extended director’s cut of the film from Muschietti will be included in the home video version so will likely be waiting for that to be released before picking up a copy. However, it still isn’t clear if all of the cut scenes and featurettes will be available in the director’s edition or not.

Do you feel that this scene should have been included in the theatrical release of ‘It’? Was Muschietti right to cut this scene from the final movie? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Comic Book