young justice outsiders

‘Young Justice’ Season 3 is coming sometime this year, via Warner Brothers’ still-unnamed direct-to-consumer streaming service.  We know that the new season of ‘Young Justice’ is subtitled ‘Outsiders’ and is in production.  Executive producer Greg Weisman couldn’t give a firm release date, but he at least gave an idea of when to expect new episodes:



Between Seasons One and Two, there was a five year time jump.  It’s unknown at this time if there will be another one between Seasons Two and Three.  The final episode of Season Two ended with a cliffhanger, showing Vandal Savage and his villain army landing on Apokolips to meet with Darkseid and his New Gods.

There appears to have been another membership shakeup.  Impulse/Bart Allen has taken up the mantle of Kid Flash, possibly to honor his fallen mentor who vanished into the Speed Force at the end of the second season.  It appears that the original Speedy, Roy Harper, has adopted the Arsenal role and a new cybernetic arm.  Tim Drake remains as Robin along with Jaime Reyes as Blue Beetle, Cassie Sandsmark as Wonder Girl and Gar Logan as Beast Boy.  Virgil Hawkins/Static joined the Team at the end of season two.  Three new female members have been added, Traci 13 (who is expected to simply go by the codename Thirteen or 13), Spoiler and Arrowette.  It’s possible Arrowette is a new identity for Artemis, but that’s just speculation.

NONE of the founding members are shown, but it’s highly unlikely that the producers would simply leave them out since the show is so character-driven and those were the characters that viewers fell in love with.  It may be that the founders and some of their other allies have graduated to the Justice League, as Zatanna and Rocket did previously.  This is especially likely if there is indeed another time jump.

Are you getting excited that ‘Young Justice’ Season 3 will arrive this year?