Ellis Island, 1927, Jack Harkness is entering America… but this is not Jack Harkness, at least, not the Jack we know. An Italian immigrant has stolen Jack’s visa and has attempted to enter the country under this false name. Jack stops him and the man is arrested and detained. However, Jack sees something in the man’s eyes, Angelo Colasanto, and helps him go free.

This is by far and away, the best ‘Miracle Day’ thus far. It may have something to do with the fact that we get  to spend some quality time with Jack and Gwen, we get back a bit of “Classic Torchwood”.

Gwen, having received the threats from an unknown antagonist via the contact lenses tries to phone her Mum. Esther and Rex are back at the temporary “hub” speaking of Vera and her recent fate. Gwen enters, followed by Jack. They soon leave and Gwen tasers Jack in the car. Driving away, she continues on the orders prompted across her line of vision via the lenses.

In a flash back to Jack’s experience with Angelo in 1927, it is revealed that Jack had a romantic interest in this handsome and mysterious stranger.

Meanwhile, Jack regains consciousness to find himself with bound hands and feet in the back seat of Gwen’s car. Gwen explains that her family has been taken, so Jack communicates with the captors via the rear view – offering himself up in exchange for Gwen and her family.

The duality of the story line in ‘Immortal Sins’ provides us with an intriguing look into Jack’s past, and shows us how much pain he has endured over his inordinately long life. In the present, Gwen fully intends on turning Jack over to these unseen figures forcing her hand.

As the story progresses, it is revealed that Angelo may hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of  “Miracle Day”. Jack’s past, and his penchant for the strange and unusual play are a large part of ‘Immortal Sins’ and sets us up for possible answers soon. Jack and Angelo, running booze for prohibition for cash, find themselves under the microscope of some powerful men. Jack makes a deal to help them, and is eventually gunned down by police, or at least, this is what it looks like to Angelo.

We see that all is not quite as it seems with Gwen, as the final meeting with the mystery men culminates in a showdown where Esther and Rex, tipped off by a downloaded copy of the messages sent to Gwen’s lenses, help rescue them. The woman standing before Jack and Gwen seems unconcerned by the fact that the game is up – and then informs Jack that Angelo is behind what is happening.

Things are still clouded in mystery, but we are getting a glimpse into where things are going. I for one am looking forward to seeing the next episode, regardless of whether or not this is ‘Classic Torchwood.’ This is captivating programming, and while I’m on the subject, I’d like to thank Jane Espenson for her contribution to the show with her amazing writing.

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