the strain

‘The Strain’ wasn’t generally a light-hearted series as it dealt with vampires trying to take over the world but that doesn’t mean the cast and crew didn’t have fun on set! FX’s vampire series may have come to a close with the fourth and final season but they’ve got some laughs to share from along the way.

While the final set of episodes were anything but funny, we’ve got a gag reel that will put a smile on your face! Also, it is a great bonus for anyone who wasn’t fully prepared to say goodbye to the cast and crew as this gives us one more time with them!

You can check out the gag real below:

While the final season was able to tie together most of the loose ends, humor was not something that they had time for… with the world being overrun by bloodsucking vampires and all. Trying to fit in some laughs in a show this serious just wouldn’t have worked with the stakes being so high.

The home release came out mid-December and includes deleted scenes and a ton of featurettes. Some of them include the therapy session “Coping with This Strain” while others will take a look at everything from “Dutch and Setrakian to the baby factory.” While most of it was more informative, this gag reel was just for fun and one of the great special features included.

Were you a huge fan of ‘The Strain’ and dying to see the additional content from the series now that it has come to an end? Was this gag reel just what you needed to enjoy some fun after the crazy holiday season? What was your favorite gag or outtake that was shown here? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!