Burn Notice

Matt Nix and Bryan Singer are clearly ramping up casting for their untitled ‘X-Men’ series pilot as Coby Bell (‘Burn Notice’,’Third Watch’) has just joined the cast. He’ll be joining Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker who are already attached to the pilot as the parents of a young child who they’ve just discovered is a mutant. They go underground joining a network of mutants who are trying to help keep them safe from a hostile government that is working diligently to track them down.

While we don’t know Bell’s exact role in the series quite yet, it does sound like he’ll be part of this government agency that is tracking down mutants. It also sounds as if he isn’t going to be thrilled with the moral questions that his job brings up:

[Cody Bell] will play Jace Turner, a weathered man who quietly wrestles with the moral ambiguities of a job that regularly requires cold-blooded, calculating efficiency on a day-to-day basis.

I suspect that we’ll see Jace Turner start out helping to hunt down or capture mutants and somehow help them by the time the first season comes to a close. Assuming that the pilot gets picked up for a full season order that is. I kind of hope if we do see him as part of a task force that William Stryker is involved in it and if Turner does turn that it puts him at odds with the infamous hater of mutants.

Are you looking forward to seeing Coby Bell working against and possibly with the ‘X-Men’ in this series? Do you feel that Jace Turner sounds like a character we’ve already seen in print at some point? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Deadline

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