Another news report about ‘ThunderCats’ potentially being cancelled was released this morning, this time from Topless Robot. The news site reported that Mirisha Ray, the girlfriend of Matthew Mercer (who plays Tygra) seems convinced the show isn’t coming back for a second season. She started a petition at to save the show, and with 2,560 signatures is already more than halfway to her goal.

The Save ‘Thundercats’! movement of course has its own Tumblr, which involves some of Ray’s hot model friends dressed up in Save ‘Thundercats’! t-shirts while holding some felines that look rather put-out about the whole thing. But they’re good eye-candy at least, so that’s something.

As to the actual cancellation of ‘ThunderCats’? Well … not so much. There’s been no announcement (so far) from Cartoon Network that the show has been cancelled, and the only evidence people have been pointing to is a press release from March 28, 2012 where the show wasn’t included on the network’s listing of “returning series.”

What this could mean is that Ray, by virtue of dating one of the actors, knows something we don’t. Of course, she could also be working off hearsay and conjecture. I just won’t be entirely behind the movement until I get confirmation from Cartoon Network one way or the other.

As to that confirmation, I’ve put in a call to the network to see what they have to say, but as yet haven’t heard back. I’ll be sure to let you know what comes of that once I do.

Until then … can I get a “ThunderCats ho?”


Cartoon Network spokeswoman Angie Weiss confirmed there has been no official announcement regarding the future of ‘ThunderCats’In the grand scheme of things, this just means the people who have power over the show haven’t made a decision about whether to cancel it or not. So the rumors of the show’s cancellation will remain just that.