The holidays are a time of year for giving, and eating a bunch of food we wouldn’t normally have access to. A pretty common addition around the holidays are desserts made with booze and ‘Mythbusters’ is tackling if indulging in these sweets will have you sweating from being pulled over by the police. It is a question many might wonder and thanks to the Science Channel, it is one that was answered in a quick 1-minute episode full of holiday cheer, desserts, and science! While I’m sure no one out there would want to put this to the test in a real-life situation without knowing the results, Brian Louden and Jon Lung have your back.

You can check out the clip right here:


From rum-soaked tiramisu, tequila-infused cupcakes, to limoncello cannolis this duo will try it all. Hogging down those luxurious flavors that we enjoy during the holidays with abandon until the breathalyzer gets pulled out. It is a great little clip to help celebrate the 12-nights of “Mythbusters Mega Merry-Thon” which is running until Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018. They’re airing every single episode of the 15-year run of the series though at this point you’ve unfortunately missed a few.

As a bonus, there will be a few of these mini-episodes spread throughout to give us new myths to be busted or proven true. Some of those being examined are if Rudolph with his nose so bright really could guide Santa’s sleigh at night, how hard a fruitcake can actually get, and if vodka really can’t be frozen! Honestly, I’m kind of hoping that they release all of these online for those of us who are going to be missing the marathon.

Do you think you could eat enough of these alcoholic desserts to get a DUI? Would you even want to after just a few? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly