The X-Files

We ended the 10th season of ‘The X-Files’ with a cliffhanger which has had fans on the edge of their seats and that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what was revealed in the revival. What happens next though won’t be quite the “running start” which we had just seen as they were able to address much of what had happened in the lost 13 years while still giving us plenty to ask about. Outside of the obvious ten episodes as compared to six giving us four more hours of fun with our favorite Agents, there will be a couple of other things up in the air as well.

According to series creator Chris Carter:

I think what we did in Season 10 is going from a standing start after 13 years off the air, it was ready-set-go and we hadn’t gone for over a decade. In this case, we had much more of running start. With the increased number of episodes, we were much better prepared to handle that workload because there were so many variables and unknowns that we had in Season 10 that were no longer unknowns and no longer necessarily variables. So I feel that we were ready for ten [episodes], that the mix of episodes just is the same save for the greater number of standalone or Monster of the Week episodes, as some people call them.

Fans of the mythos episodes likely won’t be happy to hear that there won’t be a deeper dig into the government conspiracy. However, those who are firmly rooted in the Monster of the Week episodes being the preferred outing for our favorite agents will be thrilled to hear this news.

What we do know is that Mulder and Scully’s son William will be making an appearance as well as Mulder’s half-brother Jeffrey Spender who is also the son of the Cigarette Smoking Man who Fox’s mother had an affair with. What would the holiday season be without family drama?

Are you looking forward to more Monster of the Week episodes or were you hoping that the additional four would all be revolving around the ongoing conspiracy? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend