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Tom Cruise may be pushing 60, but he isn’t letting that slow him down.  After performing a large portion of his own stunts in the ‘Mission: Impossible’ movies, he’s boldly going where no actor has before.  Reportedly, Cruise is teaming up with billionaire Elon Musk and his Space X agency as well as NASA to film an action-adventure movie… IN SPACE!  This project is in the earliest stages of development, so almost nothing is known, beyond the fact that this is not a ‘Mission: Impossible’ movie or a documentary.  This will be a scripted action-adventure movie.

The head of NASA not only confirmed (to CNN) that this project was a reality, but even went so far as to explain that most of the movie would be shot aboard the International Space Station and that Cruise would live on the space station during filming.  Cruise previously narrated the 2002 IMAX documentary about the ISS.

Space X and Boeing have been working to devise spacecraft that can travel back and forth to the ISS for tourism reasons.  Space X has constructed a transport called the Crew Dragon, which it hopes to send on its first tourist trip later this month.  Individual tickets for the Crew Dragon cost $50 million.  There are also additional fees.  If you want to use life support equipment (and you kind of NEED to) and toilets (DITTO!), that is an additional $11,250 per day.  Food, air, and “other provisions” cost an added $22,500 per day.

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This won’t technically be the first scripted movie filmed in space, as space tourist and entrepreneur Richard Garriott previously filmed his 2012 sci-fi movie ‘Apogee of Fear’ aboard the ISS.

Back to Cruise and the ‘M:I’ franchise, the actor has made waves performing his own stunts, including hanging from the side of a plane as it was taking off in ‘Rogue Nation’, and scaling the outside of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai in ‘Ghost Protocol’.  Of course, not everything goes to plan.  Production on ‘Fallout’ was halted for months after he broke his ankle leaping from one rooftop to another.

If Cruise needs a co-star, may I suggest Lance Bass?  In 2001, the *NSYNC member endured full astronaut training, being certified by both NASA and the Russian Space Program, in hopes of traveling into space, but he was denied when his corporate sponsors backed out.  I’m sure he’d love a second chance!

Most people believe that ‘Avengers: Endgame’ will remain the highest-grossing movie of all time and possibly never toppled.  But if Cruise pulls this off, I’m pretty sure EVERYBODY would want to see this picture!

What do you think about Tom Cruise possibly shooting an action-adventure movie in space?


Source: Deadline