black panther

Proving once again that ‘Black Panther‘ might end up being the most beautiful Marvel Studios movie to date, we’ve got three new shots from the film to share with you today. In them we have a shot of Wakanda, Michael B. Jordan in the middle of fighting with Chadwick Boseman, and finally a great shot of Lupita Nyongo in character though it would appear that she may be outside of Wakanda when this one is taken as it appears to have a more Asian theme.

Let’s take a quick look!

black panther

As Wakanda is an isolated nation it would appear that Nyongo’s character is outside of the country in the image below and it’ll be interesting to see what that means for the film.

Empire also released a few more images from the film which gives a closer look at the Black Panther in his Vibranium suit and in his Wakandan royal attire:

Cinematographer Rachel Morrison has proven once again that just like her work on ‘Fruitvale Station’, ‘Dope’, and ‘Mudbound’ that she brings amazing depth to the screen.

Are you looking forward to Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’? Do you feel that Rachel Morrison not only has brought the film to life but that it would hold up against non-Marvel blockbusters who haven’t suffered from some of these visual complaints? Share your thoughts below True Believers!