david harbour

With ‘Hellboy‘ having recently wrapped up, David Harbour has his eyes set back on reprising his role as Sheriff Hopper in ‘Stranger Things‘. While the actor has “absolutely no idea” what the third season will be about, he does have a few ideas as to what he’d like to see develop. It sounds as if they are keeping him in the dark because he is “always the person that gets in trouble” for sharing details. With the next season possibly not even beginning to film until late 2018 it is hard to say how far into the script that the Duffer Brothers even are!

That isn’t to say he isn’t preparing for it. Harbour had to buff up to play Hellboy so to return to “dad bod” shape he has “already started the donut training. Six donuts a day!”

Oh, how I wish I could have that diet.

As to what Harbour would love to see in the next season of ‘Stranger Things,’ he actually hits some high points that I think many of us would enjoy knowing more about. Such as, Hopper’s past love life:

“I’ve been pretty vocal about how I love the dynamic between Joyce and Hopper, which I don’t feel like we got a lot of time to explore in Season 2. I just love that dynamic of these two lost people. I equate it to Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway in “Chinatown” or Indiana Jones and Marion in “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” These great, throwback, they hate each other but love each other kind of tropes. It’s done so sophisticatedly by the Duffers, and Winona is really game for it, too. We love playing scenes with each other. I would love more stuff with her.”

Of course as the “Dad” of the group, it’d be great to see Hopper share some screen time with the “Mom” – and we’re not talking Joyce here but who Joe Keery‘s Steve has evolved into:

“Then there’s stuff that I don’t think is feasible, but I do think the internet knows my love for Joe Keery. I would love to see a Hopper and Steve get-together, but I seriously doubt that’s going to happen.”.

Finally though would be expanding on the stories that we’ve been given hints of of Hopper’s past such as:

“I’d love to work with Gaten. I want to get into the backstory of Hopper more. When Eleven goes into the basement, she sees a bunch of boxes, one of which says “Hawkins Lab.” “Dad.” “Vietnam.” “New York.” There’s a lot of story we can get into around Hopper’s time as a cop in New York, Hopper’s time in Vietnam. I would love to see more of that, but we have a ton of great characters, so I don’t know how much they’ll be able to do.”

Everyone on ‘Stranger Things’ has really been a stand out actor so it is fair to say that while we’d love to get more screen time of all of the characters, it would be hard to pull off in the limited runs that these seasons provide for us.

Which of the above sections would you be most excited to see the third season of ‘Stranger Things’ focus on? Do you think they should give us a bonus holiday episode where Steve and Hopper take the kids out camping? I’m just imagining how horrible of an idea telling ghost stories to these kids would be. Share your thoughts below!

Source: Variety