ant-man and the wasp

We’ve known that one of the avenues that ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp‘ would explore is Janet Van Dyne and how the events of ‘Captain America: Civil War’ will play into things. If you recall, that was the last point we had seen Paul Rudd‘s character and it hasn’t been clear how life ended up for him after being on the wrong side of the Sokovia Accords. Not only for him but for those he is friends with.

We know that Hope will end up as The Wasp in this film so it’ll be interesting to see how she and Hank Pym, who was once a spy, are going to respond to Ant-Man working publically against a government sanctioned program.  Thankfully, a recent interview with Peyton Reed, who is directing the sequel, has shined some light on what we can expect:

“The events of Captain America: Civil War gave us something clear, which is: what was Hank Pym and Hope Van Dyne’s reaction to Scott having taken this technology out into the world in Civil War? We had a lot of fun playing around with that.”

I think we’re going to be in for some great moments when this makes it to the big screen. I’m not entirely sure Pym will be angry as even when he worked for the government, he kept his technology away from the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. while working for them during the Cold War.

Oh, and that Giant-Man moment from the last film? Peyton not only loved it but says that the upcoming movie will “play with size and scale a lot” so it sounds like we might get a repeat of that scene somehow.

Of course, Pym will mainly be interested in the Quantum Realm and wondering if his wife was still trapped there. We know that Michelle Pfeiffer is set to take on the role but how did she survive there the past 30 years?

“It’s fair to say if someone were to have spent thirtysomething years in the Quantum Realm and survived, it would have an effect. What did she eat? All she eats is cereal called Quantum Krispies.”

Yummy, movie tie-in cereal brings back a sense of 80s nostalgia! Of course, we don’t know what a human would have lived like in such a state or how time would have passed for her character.

As for Wasp? According to Reed, this movie will be “her coming out party as a hero” and we’ll see her powers and abilities be different than Scott Lang’s. They were developed in a way to complement one another but we’ll see how well they can work together as a team with Lang’s independent streak.

Are you looking forward to ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’? Do you think that addressing the previous movie he appeared in will play well with audiences? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

Source: Empire