Gwendoline Christie‘s Captain Phasma became a fan-favorite in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ even with so little screen time so we’re going to talk about how her part in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘ played out. Her survival and story was explained in a set of comics from Marvel which showed her to not necessarily be a noble follower of the First Order and willing to do whatever it took to keep herself safe.

For those who have yet to see the movie we’ve got some spoilers to drop right here:

Just like in the first installment of the new trilogy it looked as if Captain Phasma may have ended up dead. This time, as she looks up at Finn who had just beaten her in combat she snarls “You were always scum” to which he replies “Rebel Scum” before the ground below her crumbles away and we see her appear to fall to her death.

Did she actually die? According to director Rian Johnson “Phasma is the Kenny from South Park of this series.” He did say this jokingly but Mark Hamill himself interjected that “I think she’s got to survive. She falls through the flames and lands on a big pile of rubbish.” If anyone knows about falling into a pile of trash while wearing armor it would be Luke Skywalker.

However, costume designer Michael Kaplan stated that “Gwendoline has it all figured out how she wants to come back” so if J.J. Abrams is listening, one plot point might already be covered. Hamill adds in, quoting himself as Luke Skywalker, “No one’s ever really gone.”

So we don’t know if she did end up dead or not. We did learn the reason we only saw Phasma’s eye and not her full face as she fell:

“It seemed like a really striking thing to just glimpse the humanity behind it. Originally, we were like, ‘Should it be kind of monstrous? What should be behind there?”

Johnson never decided to just show her eye though, it was actually another actor on set as Johnson continued:

“I think we were talking about it and it was Daisy [Ridley] actually who said it should just be Gwendoline’s beautiful, piercing eye. Just this perfect blue eye behind this metal monster. I loved that image.”

Clearly, they decided to go with the young Jedi’s intuition.

It isn’t clear yet if J.J. Abrams will give Christie’s character a second comeback though it seems like a stretch to keep giving her so many close calls.

Are you hoping that Captain Phasma somehow made it out alive and will appear in ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’? What miracle could have gotten her out of this mess? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly