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Rumors have been swirling since November that Grace Fulton (‘Annabelle: Creation’,’Revenge’) would be working with director David F. Sandberg again in ‘Shazam!‘ and now it has been confirmed. In fact, it has also been confirmed that she will be playing the part of Mary Marvel when the film releases! The announcement came from both Sandberg and Fulton in separate Instagram posts in a fun way.

For those unfamiliar with Mary Marvel, she is initially known as Mary Batson and in the comics was the twin sister of Billy Batson who is being portrayed by Asher Angel in the film. She also shares Billy’s talents of being able to turn into Shazam at the drop of his name. If they follow the comics I suspect that much like Zachary Levi playing the superhero version of the character that Fulton will be doing the same with a younger woman taking on the human role.

Of course, this being the DCEU it could be easy to see that DC and Warner Brothers decide to change the dynamic here though I suspect that won’t be the case.

Sandberg broke the news with the following post:

While Grace’s post showed her appearing with ‘Shazam’ #7 from 1973 which can be seen here:

The cast is starting to shape up quite nicely and of all of the films on the DCEU slate, this seems most poised to attract the family fun that many of Marvel Studios’ films try to push for instead of Snyder’s grim take on superheroes.

Are you looking forward to ‘Shazam!’ when it explodes onto the big screen in April of 2019? Do you think that we’re going to be in for a fun ride or are you done with DCEU films at this point? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Heroic Hollywood