‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ won’t be in theaters until 2014, but the plot for the sequel, is garnering a lot of speculation about what would be included in the film. It’s been reported that the focus would be on the apes’ path as they emerge as the new rulers due to a viral outbreak that is destroying human society. But it’s the details of the story that many are anxious to hear about.

Rick Jaffa, who is currently working on the screenplay with Amanda Silver and Scott Burns, won’t say much about the film but he did state what plot device won’t be seen in the sequel.

Longtime fans of the ‘Planet of the Apes’ franchise are fully aware of the importance of time travel in the original Charlton Heston version. The concluding scene of the film when George sees the Statue of Liberty left such an impact that many are wondering when these updated versions of the movie may follow suit.

But it may be a long wait as Jaffe has said this much about the time travel concept:

“I don’t foresee that. But it’s interesting you should ask that, because it’s the one big element that we made a conscious decision not to explore in the first one, and we were worried that there might be some backlash in the science fiction community because of it. When the story first came together we were very, very excited, and yet before we pitched it, I thought, ‘The one thing missing though is time travel.’ But it’s not necessary for this particular telling. And I don’t really foresee it, to tell you the truth.”

So it looks like these new films won’t be venturing into the actual ‘Planet of the Apes’ film territory any time soon. Fans of the Heston version, what are your thoughts? Do you think not including time travel is a mistake?

Source: Comic Book Movie