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Michelle Williams was announced as having joined the cast of Sony’s ‘Venom’ back in September, but because the film was so early into development, it wasn’t specified which character she would play, although there were rumors that she would play Eddie Brock’s (Tom Hardy) ex-wife Anne Weying.  Now it can be confirmed that this is indeed Williams’ role.

Ruben Fleischer (‘Gangster Squad’, ‘Zombieland’)  is directing the film, which also stars Riz Ahmed and Jenny Slate, with Woody Harrelson‘s name recently attached, although unconfirmed.  The story will draw from the comic book stories ‘Lethal Protector’and ‘Planet of the Symbiotes’Spider-Man (Tom Holland) will not appear.  Beyond that, not much else is known.

Williams appears next in the highly anticipated musical ‘The Greatest Showman’ and Ridley Scott’s true crime drama ‘All the Money in the World’.  While promoting the latter, she managed to discuss ‘Venom’ briefly, saying:

SR: You’ve been known to pick great roles with amazing scripts and Venom’s coming up and that has so much stacked talent. You, Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed, Woody Harrelson, it amazing, so what is it about that script that’s attracting so much talent around it?


Michelle Williams: We’re having fun. Um, we’re having fun. It’s, um, well for me it’s Tom (Hardy). I just thought, well, that guy knows what he’s doing. I’m just going to go steal some of his moves, figure out what he knows. I just wanted to, you know, you’re only as good as the people you play with and I really wanted to challenge myself with him as a partner.


SR: Is Venom comparable to anything else you’ve done previously, and what can you tell us about Anne Weying?


Michelle Williams: I’ve done one other movie where I was asked to track a tennis ball with my eyes and pretend it was a giant creature thing. Not my favorite thing in the world to do, but it is a skill set and I’m trying to learn it. And uh, she’s, geez, what can I tell you? Not too much right now.


So while Williams doesn’t spill any details about the film, she does not deflect the mention that she is playing Anne Weying.  In the comics, Weying eventually becomes the Bride of Venom/She-Venom, but that may or may not happen in the film.

‘Venom’ is expected to hit theaters on December 5th, 2018.

Source: Screen Rant