justice league

‘Justice League’ is nearing the end of its theatrical run here in America, and while the movie is technically making money in its worldwide cinematic turn, many critics and fans have not been overly kind to the film.  One of the more hotly-debated issues on the final release of the film is the work on the film that Joss Whedon did once original director Zack Snyder had to step aside for personal reasons.  There were scenes cut, altered, and, obviously, adjustments were made but did one of these adjustments involve the removal of audiences seeing Superman in his post-resurrection all-black suit?

In an interview not too long ago, cinematographer Fabian Wagner was talking about moments and visuals from the film’s production that didn’t make the cut into the version presented in theaters, and he seemingly confirmed that there were indeed scenes filmed with Superman in the all-black suit that didn’t make it into the final film.  However, in a new interview, Wagner seems to be back-tracking on that quite a bit:

“Yeah you know actually, to be totally honest I just can’t remember if we were shooting it as a test or if we were actually shooting it as a full scene with the suit. I definitely shot it, but I just can’t remember if it was more of a test or a full scene. But definitely seeing the black costume was great. So I’m not 100% sure whether that would have been in the movie anyhow. I mean, all the Superman scenes were great, and even just shooting Superman in his normal suit was just, you know, a lot of fun for someone who grew up in that era where the Superman movies just had come out and it was just great to shoot those iconic characters like Superman and Batman. For me that was just great fun.”

Will audiences ever truly know if any actual scenes exist with Henry Cavill’s Superman in his all-black suit?  If there’s any Justice (League… see what I did there?) in the world, we’ll all find out eventually.