justice league dark

We all know that there have been multiple names attached to ‘Justice League Dark’ over the years and now both Guillermo del Toro and Joseph Kahn (‘Power Rangers’) have shared exactly how far they each got during the development phase.

Let’s start with Kahn’s work: Kahn gave his pitch two years ago to Warner Bros which included concept art of each Justice League Dark character and animated test footage for his take on ‘Swamp Thing.’ At the very least, it looks like he had a great idea of how the cast should look visually. While his version was just a pitch, the concept art included the likeness of Dan Stevens to Chiwetel Ejiofor for his lineup which would have had Jason Blood, Zatanna, Deadman, Constantine, and Swamp Thing in the starring roles. As the two actors are attached to the Marvel Cinematic Universe these days, it is hard to tell if they were suggested by the studio or who Kahn wanted to work with.

First are a couple of tweets with actors that Kahn wanted:

You can check out the Swamp Thing animation test below which was done specifically to show off the fireflies which would orbit the character.


It sounds like the pitch went pretty far but didn’t end up going anywhere. As to everyone’s favorite cult classic director who can never stay on a project? Del Toro was asked if had any input on the character designs:

That is a script I’m hoping that will one day make it into the public eye as I’m sure it will be an amazingly fun time. Hopefully, whatever the DCEU eventually ends up creating will be of this level of quality as these are characters who are too easy to imagine being ignored.

What are your thoughts on these visuals for ‘Justice League Dark’? From just the look of the characters is this a pitch that should have been ignored? Share your thoughts below!