About five month ago, Josh Trank, the director of the acclaimed found footage superhero flick ‘Chronicle’, was tapped to direct a new reboot of Marvel’s first family, the Fantastic Four, for Fox. Shortly after, relatively green writer Jeremy Slater was brought on to pen the script. And then nothing. However, now it appears that business will be picking up soon as the studio has just set a release date for the film.

According to /Film, the reboot of the 2005 and 2007 films featuring Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, and the Thing will be released on March 6, 2015. Considering how much Trank has on his plate, that seems like it’s so soon. It’s possible that he’s given up on the rumored Venom spinoff and that he’s pushed his adaptation of ‘Shadow of the Colossus’, but as far as I know, his next film is still ‘The Red Star’. For a 2015 release date to work, he’d basically be balancing post-production on ‘The Red Star’ with pre-production on ‘Fantastic Four’. It’s not unheard of for directors to take on multiple projects at once, but this might be cutting it close. Plus, ‘Fantastic Four’ is under a time crunch because if it lays dormant for too long, then the rights revert back to Marvel (which is actually something I’d like to see in my lifetime despite being interested in Trank’s version).

With ‘Fantastic Four’ now set for 2015, it’ll join an already impressive year of film as ‘The Avengers 2’, ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’, ‘Justice League’, and an ‘Avatar’ sequel are all on the schedule already.

Do you think Josh Trank will encounter any problems with getting ‘Fantastic Four’ out in 2015? Share your thoughts in the comments below!