old man's war

The 2005 release of ‘Old Man’s War‘ is one of the most iconic pieces of science fiction that has been penned recently and now John Scalzi’s amazing work is going to make its way to the big screen! Well, the small screen at the very least with hopefully a theatrical release. Netflix has picked up the rights to Scalzi’s first installment of a six-novel series and one can only hope that this means the streaming studio plans to adapt all six of these books into films. Also, one can only hope that they find a way to get a full theatrical release as these movies will likely be made to be seen on the big screen.

Jon Shestack Productions and Madhouse Entertainment are producing this Hugo Award nominated novel and have huge shoes to fill. Scalzi has a huge fan base from winning three Hugo awards to date and having previously been the President of the Science Fiction Writers of America. His work is constantly thrilling, well written, amazingly paced, and has characters you can relate to and get behind.

‘Old Man’s War’ takes place in a far flung future where older citizens either have to get old and die or have their minds transferred into younger versions of themselves which were built for war. John Perry is a 75-year-old who opts for a second chance at life and while he excels in all aspects of being a soldier, things are turned on their head when he meets someone who appears to be a younger version of his deceased wife.

The film was originally optioned in 2011 by Paramount Pictures where it has sat stagnant until this time.

Are you excited to hear that ‘Old Man’s War’ will soon be in production to be a feature film? Do you think there is any chance we’ll see a theatrical release of the movie? Will they end up making all six novels into works or at least the primary ones? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline