the crow Alex Proyas

We all know that ‘The Crow‘ is going to be rebooted but another name is opening up as to why they are against it happening and that is Alex Proyas who directed the original film.

Proyas had become friends with Brandon Lee during the filming of the movie and wasn’t just devastated by his loss but feels that it goes against Lee’s memory in creating the reboot.

With Jason Momoa (‘Justice League’,’Game of Thrones’) already fully committed and Corin Hardy (‘The Nun’) getting ready to direct the film, it is only a matter of time before Eric Draven once again returns from the dead for revenge.

However, as to why it shouldn’t happen? Here is what Proyas had to say:

As someone who loved the original film for what it once was and know that Proyas is fully invested from his work with Lee and the movie itself, it was still based off of a graphic novel. Specifically, it was based on the comics that James O’Barr created back in 1989 and while many of us will always think of Lee as Eric Draven, O’Barr’s actual story hasn’t really been told.

Anyone who has read the comics knows that there were huge changes for the film to be made and with O’Barr both for the reboot and being a part of it, the creator’s vision looks to finally be being told. While I can agree with Proyas that a reboot might not be needed and that it will be hard to imagine someone outside of Lee as Draven, it isn’t his story to shut down.

Do you think that Alex Proyas is right as to why there shouldn’t be a reboot of ‘The Crow’? Is there another direction that you wish they went with for the film? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Bloody-Disgusting