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It looks like another notorious villain might have been cast for the upcoming ‘Pan‘ adaptation that is in the works! While we know Hugh Jackman (‘The Wolverine‘, ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’) has been in talks to play the lead villain as Blackbeard it looks as if the secondary villain, Captain Hook (who we’re more familiar with as Peter Pan’s enemy), is looking to be given to Garrett Hedlund (‘TRON: Legacy’, ‘Troy’). Much like Jackman, Hedlund is not known for playing the bad guy. Though to be fair, Captain Hook won’t be starting as the bad guy or a Captain.

In this newly told origin story for Peter Pan,  Captain Hook and Peter Pan start off as friends. Even though Hook is working aboard Blackbeard’s ship, he’s not that bad of a guy to begin with. That will clearly change as the movie moves forward and I’m assuming the loss of his hand will somehow be what helps turn him against Peter. I’m just curious if a crocodile will somehow be involved. I’m sure whatever drives a wedge between these two will evolve from their teaming up to lead a pirate revolt.

With Joe Wright (‘Hanna’, ‘Atonement’) directing, we know he has a lot of experience with period pieces. While I wouldn’t call most of his work action filled he’s shown he has the chops for it and clearly has an eye for having a period piece look down which will be perfect for a world filled with pirates. His take on movies is perfect for an adult fairy tale and this is one that, if pulled off correctly, could be a box office smash.

What do you think ladies and gentlemen? Is the ‘Pan’ origin story starting to sound like something you’d want to see or has Hollywood told Peter’s story to death at this point?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter