Bill Goldberg

Interestingly enough, there have been a number of connections between The CW’s Arrowverse and the world of professional wrestling. For example, WWE Hall of Famer Edge faced off against the Fastest Man Alive on ‘The Flash’ as Tobias Church’s henchman Atom Smasher. Then, former WWE Superstar and current Ring of Honor World Champion Cody Rhodes popped up on ‘Arrow’ as metahuman drug dealer Derek Sampson. And of course, the Green Arrow himself Stephen Amell has stepped into the squared circle on a couple of occasion in WWE and ROH. He even has his own wrestling merchandise on! Now it looks like another name will be added to this list, but who’s next? Well, any wrestling fan (especially those familiar with the 90s WCW roster) could tell you the answer to that question.

Earlier this week, WWE and WCW Legend Bill Goldberg revealed on Twitter that he is on his way to Central City to go head to head with the Scarlet Speedster on ‘The Flash’. And apparently it won’t be a one and done sort of thing for the Master of the Jackhammer either. While there has been no official announcement from the production as of yet regarding Goldberg’s appearance, the former WWE Universal Champion revealed in his tweet that he will be guest starring on two episodes of the popular DC Entertainment series.

However, it’s currently unknown as to who Goldberg will be playing on the show. With DC’s expansive stable of heroes and villains that is seeing new additions added seemingly every day, the possibilities are pretty endless for the imposing purveyor of The Spear. Although, there is a good chance that he could be one of the metahumans meticulously created by The Thinker. To go even further, there’s an even better chance that his powers are strength based. But of course, just as The Flash has had to do over the course of his tenure as a superhero, we must be prepared to expect the unexpected. That is, until details inevitably emerge in the form of a press release or some kind of promotional material.

What do you think about Goldberg guest starring on ‘The Flash’ later this season? Who do you think the WWE Legend will play during his two-episode arc? And what are the chances that he executes a deadly spear on Barry, Cisco, or some other unsuspecting Central City do-gooder over the course of the episodes? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below.

‘The Flash’ starring Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, Tom Cavanagh, Jesse L. Martin, Keiynan Lonsdale, and Neil Sandilands airs on The CW at 8/7c.