While half of the country might think of Super Bowl Sunday as the biggest Sunday for the year, the other half are those who are dying to see the mid-season premiere of ‘The Walking Dead‘! That wait ends today! Well, for at least the first two minutes of the premiere episode. Here we see how Rick Grimes and his group of survivors are fairing out in the world after the tragic events of the mid-season finale.

February 8th returns viewers to the fifth season of ‘The Walking Dead’ and we’re going to have a whole new undercurrent to the show. The big shake up that happened at the end of the last season will have the cast shaken up as they survive moving forward.

Not only was there a major character death but with the loss of hope after the confession of another member, we’re going to see a whole new plan put in place.

Lets take a quick look at how things start out for our survivors.

We were introduced to Noah last season and he had mentioned to be from Richmond, VA where they’ve got walls. Fans of the comic should be quite familiar with a walled in safe area known as the Alexandria Safe-Zone. This is quite likely the story line that the series will be building to for the sixth season. Will they be using this area to represent the safe zone or to introduce us to Magna who is a known survivor from the area? Either way the trip from Richmond to the Safe Zone seems a logical bet on what we’ll be seeing.

Did the first two minutes of the upcoming season whet your appetite for more? Do you think Richmond will end up being the safe zone or will that be their destination by the end of the season which will transition us to the Alexandria Safe-Zone in the sixth? Share your thoughts below!

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