Back at this year’s C2E2, Marvel Comics revealed a lot of awesome things coming out in the next few months like the various ‘Original Sin’ tie-ins featuring heroes like Spider-Man, the Invaders, the Fantastic Four, and more. However, like they tend to do, the House of Ideas left us wondering once again as they teased another upcoming event heading our way somewhere down the line. With a logo featuring the Avengers’ A and the X-Men’s X, the company shared the first teaser image for ‘Axis.’ No further explanation was given, but now we have an idea what this story could be about.

Earlier this week, Bleeding Cool shared the cover for the next issue of ‘Previews’ from Diamond’s Retailer Summit in Las Vegas. The image revealed that Rick Remender is the creative mind behind ‘Axis’ and it featured artwork from Jim Cheung depicting some of the most iconic and terrifying villains of the Marvel Universe standing together in solidarity. Behind a logo reminiscent of Grant Morrison’s ‘New X-Men’ that read the same way right side up or upside down stands the Green Goblin, Loki, Sabretooth, Doctor Doom, Carnage, and the Red Skull wearing Onslaught’s armor. You can see the high-resolution image of the cover from Comic Book Resources below:

Considering that this version of the Red Skull appears on this cover, one can assume that Remender will finally be addressing the shocking conclusion to his first arc of ‘Uncanny Avengers’, which has essentially been buried by all the madness of the Apocalypse Twins and their never-ending story. For those who may not remember, the Red Skull dug up the recently deceased (at the time) Charles Xavier and grafted part of Professor X’s brain to his own, thus giving him access to the influential mutant’s telepathic abilities and making him and his S-Men unstoppable. Now come Fall 2014, it seems like we’ll finally find out where all that was going.

Also, if you look really closely at the bottom of the cover, you might be able to make out some familiar snippets of various Marvel heroes. I may be wrong, but to me it looks like ­Cyclops (in the old blue and white uniform), Iron Man, Deadpool, and Medusa. You can take guesses for yourself with the image below that I’ve flipped and enlarged:

Though no actual details have been revealed yet , a cover is worth a thousand words. What words are you getting from this ‘Previews’ cover? Are you excited about the next Marvel crossover event, ‘Axis’? Do you have any ideas about the heroes featured at the bottom of the image? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section.