If you, like me, needed something to brighten your day, you have to check out this amazing ‘Halloween Levitating Star Wars Speeder Costume’ video on YouTube!

YouTubers Jesse Wellens and Carmella Rose designed these amazing looking Speeder Bikes after the ones featured in ‘Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi,’ complete with reflective panels underneath to give the illusion of hovering and then dressed up as Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa in their Endor gear.  They took to the streets of New York City to show off their wonderful costume, much to the delight of almost everyone they saw on the street. But not everyone, as eventually they ran afoul of a stormtrooper with another speeder bike, who hopped aboard and began to pursue them, and we got a merry chase through the streets to the sounds of John William’s score from the movie, as pedestrians in the street watched in awe, many commenting how awesome the costumes and the bikes were, one guy stopping his phone conversation just to tell the guy on the other line all about what he was seeing.

Inevitable, they are pulled over by the “police” for speeding (and you know, illegal vehicles being used on the streets), in what was clearly the staged ending to the video, especially when the stormtrooper escapes and jumps on his bike to get away, as I doubt these YouTubers would really risk being arrested and thrown in jail just for a video (or maybe they would, some of these people are pretty intense.) Also included at the end are links to how you can make your own Speeder Bike similar to what they did, which makes them even cooler in my opinion as their bikes looked pretty authentic.

Check out the full video for yourself below, and share your thoughts on the bike and the whole idea in the comments section below!