retro con cosplay

Remember that thing you loved growing up? You know the one. That awesome movie, TV show, video game, or toyline that just takes you back to simpler times in life. Thanks to the internet making so much of pop culture history immediately accessible, we’re living in a nostalgia fueled era where generations are able to relive the pop culture they loved most! That’s also why there are events like Retro-Con that are powered solely by people’s affinity for pop culture of the past!

Retro Con is an annual celebration of everything you remember from the pantheons of pop culture history that takes place in Oaks, PA just outside of Philadelphia. It’s best summed up as a huge room full of every toy you could ever imagine and lots of like minded individuals who are all celebrating the things they love most. Naturally, like with any convention, that means we also have some fantastic nostalgia themed cosplay on display with plenty of characters we recognize from over the years turning up for the event! Check out our full Retro-Con 2017 Cosplay Gallery below!

Marty McFly


Tuxedo Mask & Sailor Moon




Booster Gold & Professor Pyg


Dyno-Mutt & Blue Falcon 


Pee-Wee’s Playhouse


Destro & Iron Brigadeers




Black Canary & Green Arrow


Prototype Boba Fett


DC Bombshells Wonder Woman




The Tick


The Greatest American Hero


Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable


Jack Burton 


Shredder, Casey Jones, & The Rat King 






We hope you enjoyed our Retro-Con 2017 Cosplay Gallery! If that wasn’t enough for you, be sure to check out some of our recent NYCC Cosplay Galleries too! Be sure to stay tuned to ScienceFiction for more cosplay photo galleries from some of your favorite conventions!