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We keep having to say that Universal Pictures is pulling out all the stops for their upcoming Classic Monster Cinematic Universe and now that Russell Crowe (‘Man of Steel’,’Gladiator’) is joining ‘The Mummy,’ it seems that they are truly putting their money where their mouth is. In a film that already has

In a film that already has Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella set to star, it appears that they are sparing no expense when it comes to bringing some A-list talent to the big screen. As we know, ‘The Invisible Man‘ will be starring Johnny Depp so it seems that they really are courting some of the biggest names in Hollywood for the franchise.

While we’ve had no idea as to Cruise’s character to date, this potential casting of Crowe has given us a rumor that could shine light on both of their parts. It sounds like Crowe would be playing a “Jekyll-like role” across from Cruise. There is no word as to if this would spawn a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde spin-off or if they would be a regular reoccurring character throughout the films. It could lead for some interesting star power to help weave the franchise together though I’m not sure why this of all characters would be the one that bonds them to one another.

If this will be an ongoing project for the pair, it could help make sense as to why they are only doing one movie a year in the newly rebooted world of creature features that Universal is putting together. Personally, I would love to see this work for the best as the studio will clearly have a lot riding on the movie and if done properly, it could inject some fresh fans into the world of horror as well as some new ideas.

Sadly, it could just as easily backfire and leave us wanting even less of these beloved characters.

Could you see Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe working together as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on the big screen? Do you think this character would be part of the ongoing narrative or is just being setup for their own spin-off movie? Share your thoughts below!

‘The Mummy’ will have us wrapped up in front of the big screen when it premieres on June 9th, 2017.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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