star trek: discovery

While ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ has proved to be a polarizing to fans as its first four episodes have aired on CBS All Access, we’ve now learned that the show is set to spend more than one episode exploring the Mirror Universe.

During a panel at a Star Trek convention a few weeks back, ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ actor and director of an upcoming ‘Discovery’ story Jonathan Frakes accidentally mentioned that the show will be venturing into the Mirror Universe.  The realm, originally seen on-screen in ‘The Original Series’ as well as being given companion stories in ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ and ‘Star Trek: Enterprise,’ has been a source of constant fan entertainment.

At this past weekend’s New York Comic Con, ‘Discovery’ co-creator and Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman not only reaffirmed the show’s foray into the alternate realm, but he indicated in fairly clear terms that there will be more than one episode on the subject matter:

“Well, it sort of leaked that we are going to be doing some episodes about the Mirror Universe. And yes, we’re going to be paying homage to the original.”

It will be interesting to see how the show handles an adventure into the Mirror Universe.  A fan theory online that has been gaining some traction as of late posits that Lorca is actually from the Mirror Universe and is stuck in the “Prime Universe” trying to find a way back, hence his fairly “anti-Starfleet” attitude and his obsession with making the spore drive work.  This closely resembles my personal theory/hope that the entire show takes place in the Mirror Universe, as I use that notion to help soothe my frayed nerves about how much continuity seems to be disrupted/ignored on a weekly basis on the show.

Now that it’s been confirmed ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ will be spending more time in the Mirror Universe, what are your theories on how this will play out in this season’s storyline?

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ has new episodes airing every Sunday night at 8:30p, ET on CBS All Access.