New York Comic Con NYCC 2017New York Comic Con 2017 may have just wrapped up, but we aren’t done with it yet! Every year at New York Comic Con, thousands of fans descend upon The Javits Center in New York City to celebrate all of their favorite fandoms with thousands of other kindred spirits! Some of the most celebrated attendees are the cosplayers who pour their hearts and souls into perfect recreations (or completely original takes) of their favorite characters from comics, film, television, gaming, and everything else! As the biggest annual convention on the east coast, New York Comic Con has a tendency to draw out the best and brightest of the cosplay community with some of the most amazing costumes you’ll ever see!

Team ScienceFiction was live on the convention floor at The Javits to bring you some of our favorite cosplayers from the show, all in the comfort of your own home! This is the second round of our Cosplay Gallery for New York Comic Con 2017, and we’ve got some of your favorite characters from Resident Evil, Power Rangers, Monty Python, Marvel, DC, and so many more! Check out the full gallery below!

Antman and Wasp


Beauty and The Beast


Blankman and The Other Guy


Booster Gold


Cersei Lannister


Chibi Moon


Dr. Doom


Doctor Fate


Emma Frost and Aquaman


Enchantress (Plural!)




Gamora and Starlord


Girl Playing Melodica (She is not the girl from Youtube who follows cosplayers playing their theme songs, but she IS cosplaying her!)


Greta The Gremlin






The Incredibles


Iron Fist, Mantis, Jesse Custer, and Hela




Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield


Mary Jane and Spider-Man




Rita Repulsa (Classic)


Rita Repulsa (2017)


Robin and The Penguin


Sailor Moon VHS Tape


Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole


Superboy and Robin


Tim The Enchanter


Tooth Fairy


Vinz Clortho


Xena Warrior Princess




That’ a wrap for Round Two of our New York Comic Con 2017 Cosplay Gallery! Be sure to check out Round One if you missed it, where we brought you even more of our favorite cosplayers from New York Comic Con 2017! Be sure to stay tuned for all of our New York Comic Con 2017 coverage all this week!