Recently, ‘The Matrix’ star Keanu Reeves has been asked a lot of questions about whether or not he will be returning for the rumored ‘Matrix’ reboot. This has the man working to craft the return to the franchise, Zak Penn, a little vexed at the moment. Penn has released no details about what this return to the franchise will be, and calling it a sequel, or a reboot, or thinking that it will require Reeves, seems to be jumping the gun a bit to him. So far it seems that Penn will be taking his cue from things like the ‘Animatrix,’ which were stories set within the world of the ‘Matrix’ but not directly involving Reeve’s character, Neo, or the other main characters from the films.

Here’s his first Tweet on the subject;

He continued his Twitter updates by pointing out that right now everything is just speculation, that there is no movie yet as the studio has yet to green-light anything he is working on and the only thing currently in development is the story he is working on, so asking about whether actors are coming back, who might direct, etc. is pretty fruitless as nothing might actually come out of this if Penn cannot actually crack the story.

It is interesting to see Penn come out and squash all these dreams so vehemently on Twitter, especially when people are just interested in the film he is developing, so I wonder what else could be going on behind the scenes. Perhaps the studio and him do not see eye to eye on the direction of the project and he is annoyed that the fans seem to want what the studio is pushing for? (i.e. a reboot or sequel bringing back the original cast?) Or maybe it is just something as simple as he is trying to work out the idea and is annoyed by all the distractions on the internet…who knows? For now, I’m just going to hope he comes up with a good idea, as it would be fun to see a solid return to the franchise, regardless of how it happens.