pretty woman

With ‘Happy Death Day’ being a horror comedy in the stylings of ‘Groundhog Day’ it sounds like Jason Blum likes the idea of basing a story around the comedy classic ‘Pretty Women’. While ‘Happy Death Day’ isn’t a comedy itself, clearly ‘Groundhog Day’ was and so I doubt that he’d be seeing any laughs filter through into his version of a remake of ‘Pretty Women’.

For those unfamiliar with the 1990 original, it was this Julia Roberts and Richard Gere film where Julia played a prostitute named Vivian Ward and Gere played a businessman named Edward Lewis who hires her to be his date. Love is in the air as these two characters fall in love and audiences loved the film making it the highest number of tickets sold for a romantic comedy of all time, and number four if you factor in inflation for total dollar sales.

Right off the bat, that kind of a box office draw is something that Hollywood execs would perk up at.

Now, imagine that same scenario but with some kind of a horror-filled twist. It sounds like Blum had that idea when he was asked if any other comedy deserved a horror treatment:

“That’s a good question. Another comedy that there could be a horror version of it? Pretty Woman would actually make a great one. I’m going to go with that one. I love that idea.”

While Blum always has a lot on his plate, I could see that one of Blumhouse Pictures’ writers trying to put together a plot that could impress their boss already. In fact, it really does seem like it could be a good fit for either their version of Vivian of Edward.

Would you be interested in seeing ‘Pretty Women’ being redone as a horror movie? How should the story play out in your mind if they went that route? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant.