I like to think of myself as a pretty savvy reader. I understand story and structure, even grammar most of the time. So I’m a little upset with myself with some of the confusion I’m left with after reading Project Superman.

Scott Snyder is one of my favorite comic book writers. He’s been doing great work for years now. I don’t think the problem necessarily lies with his story, but more of the pacing of the story. This book jumps around a lot through time, when the end came I wasn’t sure if it was the Flashpoint present or back near the beginning of the book.

If you’re read any of the Booster Gold tie-ins to Flashpoint, you know Doomsday is known as Project 6 and is controlled by the government. When you read this book you know they use what they have learned from the monster Doomsday and have altered the genes of a Lieutenant Sinclar to make him a super soldier.

What I don’t get is the book clearly starts 30 years ago, and I’m assuming the Flashpoint is in present day (so roughly now). So it is fair to assume Doomsday has been on Earth longer than 30 years, or am I missing something?

The other big head scratcher is the final page of the book. We know Superman doesn’t exist in the Flashpoint, at least not as Clark Kent. So when the book ends and we get a special visitor, I’m left taking off my 2nd Mass hat and scratching my head as I finished reading the book.

This is one that will definitely require further reading of the next two chapters. Unlike the Secret Seven tie-in, I’m confused here in a way that I think will be better explained with more story. I’m not saying this book isn’t worth checking out, there is some cool action and watching the government try to create a “Super Man” is both fascinating and terrifying all at the same time.