Big news for ‘X-Files‘ fans as we’ve learned that Karin Konoval is set to return to the series! However, fans hoping for a follow-up of ‘Home‘ are going to be disappointed as she’ll be taking on multiple roles though none of them will be the amputee mother who helped breed mutants in one of the series most chilling episodes. Just as ‘Home’ wouldn’t be re-aired for years after its initial debut, as Fox and viewers found it too disturbing, it also seems like they won’t be bringing the mutants back this time around for a new outing.

However, Konoval’s acting chops were so hot that Chris Carter is bringing her back to the series in style to play not one but multiple roles! Here is what the director and creator of the ‘X-Files’ had to say about her return:

“While Karen Konoval won’t be reprising her role as the mother-under-the-bed in the fan-favorite episode ‘Home,’ she will be returning in a tour-de-force performance in an early episode. Or, more accurately — performances.”

He doesn’t clarify as to who she’ll be playing but it does sound like we’ll be finding out near the debut of the eleventh season and that her roles will be confined to a single episode. No matter how well she performs, it is highly doubtful that it will be in quite as terrifying of a role as her first outing on the show.

It’ll be interesting to find out if Gillian Anderson will already be back when we see Konoval return to the small screen after how the last season came to a close.

Are you happy to hear of Karin Konoval’s reappearance on the ‘X-Files’? Do you wish that she was reprising her part as the mother from ‘Home’ or happy that we’re getting a new story with her? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly