Karl Urban

At his panel at Denver Comic Con, when asked a rather snidely worded question about if he would do a sequel to ‘Dredd’ even if it was poorly written just for the money, Karl Urban revealed some very interesting information for fans.

Well, after he quipped that he did need a new house, he revealed the information:

Yes. ‘Dredd 2’ is in development.

You heard that right. Or at least, they are developing the story for it. After that, they are determining the right platform, be it Netflix, Amazon, a TV Series, or another movie.

‘Dredd’ was a movie made in 2012 starring Urban about a character who acts as judge, jury and executioner in a future dystopian megacity. It also features Lena Headey (Cersei, ‘Game of Thrones) as the antagonist, a drug lord named Ma-Ma. It is currently rated “fresh” on rotten tomatoes.

The issue is, Urban explained, is that there had been no awareness for ‘Dredd‘ when it came out. Making a sequel to the film is an uphill battle because the movie did not do great at the box office, so a sequel was sort of written off. However, once people knew about it, the DVD sales went through the roof which proved there was an audience for it. It just had to be reached.

Urban added that there is an interest from established creatives and that he would do the sequel if he felt it had depth and substance.