star trek discovery

In advance of the premiere episode hitting the airwaves in just a few weeks, CBS has released a new promo video for ‘Star Trek: Discovery.’  This new reel features several snippets of footage not seen before, putting the focus on the various new characters we are set to meet in the pilot episode.

The video is entitled “We Embrace the Unknown,” and we get to hear from such characters as Captain Lorca (Jason Isaacs), Lt. Saru (Doug Jones), Lt. Stamets (Anthony Rapp), Cadet Tilly (Mary Wiseman), and of course, Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green).  Take a look-see for yourself:

Conspicuously missing is any speaking from Michelle Yeoh’s character, Captain Georgiou, although she does appear very briefly – it’s possible her dialogue simply didn’t “fit in” with the vibe of this video.

Of particular note is the fact that Burnham’s dialogue has a bit of a self-defensive vibe, as she says “I live by the principles of Starfleet.”  Those who have been keeping up with the development of ‘Discovery’ as it warps towards its televised premiere next month may remember that it was recently revealed that Burnham seems to be responsible, whether directly or indirectly, for instigating much of the Klingon War.  As ‘Discovery’ Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman said about Burnham in an interview:

“She is fascinated and fixated on alien races; particularly the Klingons, for reasons that we’ll come to understand are very personal for her. Given the fact that we’re at war with the Klingons in the show, she’s going to have a lot to say and do about it. …the results of the war are going to allow for a lot of new storytelling that will be the result of everything that happens and the people that are left behind; the casualties, the things that have grown in Starfleet as a result of the war. That’s what we’ll inherit in the second season.”

For all its tribulations in getting to the small screen, fans don’t have much longer to wait until they can see for themselves what the newest iteration of the franchise brings to the table.

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ will premiere on September 24th, 2017 on CBS.