Ron Perlman has been heavily pushing for ‘Hellboy 3‘ to happen and a recent post may hint that it is actually in the works! While things haven’t been looking good due to financing and Guillermo del Toro’s impossible schedule, we do know at least one of those things has just changed. With Del Toro no longer attached to direct ‘Justice League Dark‘ there is suddenly a hole in his schedule. Could this hole and the hole in his heart be filled by the return of the The Right Hand of Doom?

Recently Perlman went to Instagram and posted this little teaser and you have to wonder with the timing if it is wishful thinking or a hint at things to come?

Lurking… Waiting… And then, poof… One more Roman numeral after the name… As if by magic………..

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That’s not all as he was also just hanging out with his friend Wes Chatham who seems to be sharing the ‘Hellboy 3’ love. Support for a friend or is this some pre-official announcement celebration happening?

RG @officialweschatham: Hanging with my pal @perlmutations ready for Hellboy 3 Who’s with me? #regramapp

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We do know that Perlman has been rallying support for the film lately and even gave us a hint of what ‘Hellboy 3’ is about. One can only hope that this pitch finally made its way to the right ears!

“I know that Hellboy 3 was designed to resolve the dilemma of whether the beast of the apocalypse would live up to his oracle, his destiny, of destroying mankind. Or whether the beast we’ve seen nurtured all these years, to use his immense superpowers to protect mankind. Which one would win out? The destiny part is non-negotiable. So, something dramatic has to happen in the third Hellboy movie, to see which one prevails.”

While all of the above is probably just coincidence this is one ‘Hellboy’ fan who hopes that the stars are finally aligning to see Perlman put on the horns one last time.

Are you hoping this means we’re finally going to see the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense get back together? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Ron Perlman’s Instagram