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With ‘Hellboy‘ being a complete reboot it would be unlikely for any of the cast to return but at one point it was talked about being a third fill for Guillermo del Toro’s run and Selma Blair shares she wouldn’t have come back for it. The reason is pretty solid for anyone who feels that these cinematic worlds tell a certain kind of story and those creating them do as well. With a directorial change, Blair just didn’t think that playing Liz Sherman again would be playing the same character.

According to Blair:

“My heart lies with Guillermo del Toro and his creations of it. My Hellboy world is in Guillermo’s brain and that’s where it stays. They’ll do whatever they’ll do; it’ll be a totally different incarnation. My job is done.”

We don’t know if the character of Liz will even be included in the reboot. However, if she is the chances are she’ll be more like her comic book counterpart and the romance we saw in del Toro’s version wouldn’t quite end up being the same. In fact, we already know that Sasha Lane was cast as Alice who is Hellboy’s primary love interest in the comics and I suspect that they’ll be going that route in the reboot as well.

That doesn’t mean Blair has been out of touch on what has been going on in the new film though. She was a huge fan of Ed Skrein stepping down to make sure an Asian actor was going to play a character who was Asian in the comics:

“I understand that so many people are passed over that are capable, and I think it’s admirable to say, ‘I bow out to find someone that’s trying to break into this business.’ It’s a new time for actors, and welcome to it.”

I wouldn’t exactly call Daniel Dae Kim (‘Hawaii Five-0′,’24’)  new having worked for years on ‘Lost’, been part of ‘Insurgent’, ‘Allegiant’, and briefly in ‘Spider-Man 2’ and ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’.

Are you sad that Selma Blair wouldn’t have reprised her role even if the franchise hadn’t been getting a reboot? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Yahoo