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It sounds as if producer Jason Blum is very confident that the ‘Halloween‘ reboot would be ready by 2018 and is willing to offer up his life if it isn’t! With John Carpenter involved in both his blessing and possibly music, it seems like the producer is confident that Blumhouse will have the film ready for audiences to enjoy! Having earned the nickname the “Prince of Horror” with how well his studio has done churning out hits like ‘Get Out‘, ‘Insidious‘, ‘Sinister’, ‘Split‘, and more, it should be no surprise that he is feeling confident.

The remake was brought up when he was helping do a promotion for Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood and when asked about it he stated that if it wasn’t released in 2018:

“You can kill me. You can behead me. You can chop my hand off, the prince of horror, you can cut my hand off. That’s on the record.”

Some who are against remakes might have a few of those ideas in mind anyway so this is a win/lose situation no matter what happens with the film. However, Stephen King’s ‘It‘ has just proven that a new take on old material can work when it comes to horror. Assuming we can all forget what Rob Zombie did with the last two films in the franchise and remembering that Carpenter is involved means that this really could be a potential hit for horror fans everywhere.

It should also be noted that this take isn’t strictly a reboot. More of a re-imaging of the franchise as to if every film after the first two had never actually happened.

Do you think that Jason Blum will be headless by the end of 2018 or will we get a remake of ‘Halloween’ before next year comes to a close? More importantly, do you feel that a remake is needed or can do justice to what Carpenter originally released? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Wrap