the punisher

Despite the odd continued secrecy about when exactly ‘The Punisher’ series is going to premiere on Netflix (and I say odd because we know it is going to come out in 2017 and time is running short, especially if they are going to have a marketing campaign for the show), new snippets of information are still continuing to come out about the highly anticipated series.

The latest information comes from pair of pictures posted on Twitter, the first of which is a picture of Frank Castle lying in the snow lining up a shot on a target with a sniper rifle, right next to a shot of Frank being spoken to by his ally Microchip, a character we all knew was coming to the show but have yet to actually see in context. True, we briefly saw a picture of Microchip in the teaser trailer, but this photo has him in the same room with Frank Castle, clearly talking to him (looking almost like he is lecturing him) while holding what is mostly likely an alcoholic drink, which gives us a lot of character details (check out the photo for yourself below).

Savvy fans of course will point out that the character of Microchip has been hinted at in the greater MCU twice before, once in ‘Agents of SHIELD’ when Agent Daisy Johnson gets a lead from a Rising Tide hacker with the handle “Micro” while investigating the alien symbols Coulson kept seeing, and again during ‘Daredevil’ Season 2 when Frank Castle himself pulled out a data CD labeled “MICRO” which had been hidden inside a framed photo most old Marine Corps buddies.

In the comics, Microchip (aka Davis Linus Lieberman) is one of the Punisher’s earliest allies in his war on crime, giving him tech and weapons for his battles, and occasionally being someone Frank could talk to. More recent storylines have found Micro going rogue after turning bitter and becoming a kind of villain until Castle catches up with him.

What kind of a role do you think Micro/Microchip will have in ‘The Punisher’ on Netflix? Do you think he’ll start off as a friend and quickly progress to an enemy? Feel free to share your thoughts and theories in the comments below!

Source: MCU Exchange