Yes, we won’t be able to see a new episode of ‘Futurama‘ but thanks to the Nerdist Podcast, we’ll be able to hear one! It looks like the cast and crew responsible for ‘Futurama’ have teamed up TinyCo and Chris Hardwick to bring us this fantastic treat. Not only that, we won’t have to wait long as this has already been in the works to bring together. In fact, the episode is set to premiere on the podcast on September 14th, 2017! Only days away but feels like an eternity!

The last real news we had to share with the franchise is about the amazing mobile game ‘Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow‘ and they’re getting in on the action as well since there will be bonus contact which can be unlocked. It isn’t clear outside of early teasers for the episode as to what will be available.

Sadly for fans, the series itself was canceled back in 2013. While the video game has been giving us some hints as to the continued adventures of the Planet Express crew, this will be the first new installment with content actually following the series. While the game was also brought to us by the original writers Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, it wasn’t the proper format for really expanding on the story.

While I’ll miss the visual continuation, I am thrilled that there is more story coming our way! There is no casting announcement at this time so while most of the voice actors will likely return, it is unclear if anyone will be missing from the series.

Are you planning on checking out the Nerdist Podcast to find out the further tales of the Planet Express crew? Do you have that they cover any of the existing story arcs from the series which weren’t fully answered? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Nerdist