six flags roller coaster

For years, Six Flags theme parks have had the rights to DC Comics but has largely only focused on Batman and related villains like The Joker and Riddler.  On occasion, there have been attractions based on Superman and the Justice League as well as a push for Green Lantern around the release of the ill-fated live action movie.  But things are ramping up now that Warner Brothers is elevating the visibility of its various heroes and villains and the fantastic females will take center stage in 2018 as several new Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn rides will be unveiled at parks across the continent!

Opening at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, the Wonder Woman Golden Lasso is the world’s first single rail coaster. “Riders will be seated single file as they are transported along a single I-beam rail at speeds up to 50 miles per hour. Features include a 90-degree drop, two airtime hills, an 180-degree stall, and a zero-g roll.”


Six Flags Mexico welcomes the Wonder Woman Coaster, a 4D Free Fly coaster, which “will lift riders up a 12-story, 90-degree hill and then propel them backwards, forwards, and head-over-heels down an undulating vertically-stacked track.”

It’s a fairly unique-looking ride with passengers flipping over and over as the ride moves forward and down.


Not a roller coaster, but Harley Quinn’s Spinsanity will still offer thrills as it rotates passengers and swings them through the air.  “This pendulum ride will whirl riders at speeds up to 70mph and up to heights of 147 feet.”  Spinsanity opens next year at both Six Flags Texas and New England.


And coming to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in northern California, Harley Quinn’s Crazy Coaster is a double coaster set on an infinity loop track which goes up to 70mph with two trains zipping past each other.


The announcement of these rides follows that of Cyborg’s Cyber Spin ride coming to New Jersey’s Six Flags Great Adventure, located in the Metropolis area of the park next to the Justice League: Battle For Metropolis attraction.


With the financial and critical success of ‘Wonder Woman’ and the popularity of Harley Quinn as a licensed icon, particularly after ‘Suicide Squad’, it’s no surprise that these two colorful characters are reaching new heights in pop culture awareness.  And Cyborg will be featured in this fall’s ‘Justice League’ which is intended to set up his solo film in 2020.  This theme park ride should help pique interest in him among those in the general public.

Are you a thrill ride enthusiast?  Which of these looks the most exciting to you?

Source: Newsarama