locke and key kinsey lockeIt looks like another actor involved in ‘It’ quite enjoyed working with Andy Muschietti as Megan Charpentier (‘Resident Evil: Retribution’,’The Shack’) has just joined the cast of Hulu’s upcoming ‘Locke & Key‘! This will be the third time that Muschietti has directed the young actress as she also starred in his breakout hit ‘Mama.

Charpentier will be playing Kinsey Locke who is the daughter of both Rendell and Nina Locke and one of the major players in the series. Nina we know has been cast as the amazing Frances O’Connor (‘A.I.’,’The Conjuring 2′) so you know that these two will be fun to watch working across from one another. Speaking of fellow ‘It’ actors, she’ll also be working with Jackson Robert Scott (‘Skin,”Fear the Walking Dead’) who was also in the film! Jackson was cast as Bode Locke so again, there will be a lot of interaction here.

The series is based on the iconic comic which was written by Stephen King’s son Joe Hill with art by the amazingly talented Gabriel Rodriguez. It is currently set to be a one-hour series that falls directly into the horror and fantasy genres.

As Charpentier already has a working relationship with Muschietti, I believe that will help her hit all of the high points for playing Kinsey. She actually has some of the best character development through the comics even if, at times, she wasn’t my favorite character. I’m curious how close to the source material they’ll stick when bringing her to the small screen.

As all of the Locke children, she plays a pivotal role in all of the major story arcs. I’m just curious as to how much of her backstory they’ll be exploring as the tragedy of her childhood is a key part of who she is and how she grows in the series.

Are you excited that casting is getting closer to being finalized for ‘Locke & Key’? Do you think that Megan Charpentier will be good for the part of Kinsey? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline