The rumor mill for the return of ‘Star Trek’ to television has been churning ever since the first reboot movie came out, and it looks like it’s at it again.

Sources at Latino Review say that CBS is interested in a new show, with Bryan Singer possibly working as the executive producer. (Singer has mentioned who he would cast in past interviews, but this has little to do with whether or not he’s involved with any real projects). Though, with no information on where these CBS sources are coming from, I think it’s safe to say this is just a rumor.

The article itself is a meandering love story to ‘Star Trek’ (which is great, we all love ‘Star Trek’), and talks about the treatments for a show called ‘Star Trek: Federation’ that never came to fruition. Then, it just throws in that CBS is working on it. However, having no sources, it shoots up a lot of red flags.

Fortunately, Io9 got a hold of Robert Burnett, who is supposedly involved with the new ‘Star Trek’ project, and his answer was this:

All of the FEDERATION information is true…but we did that TEN YEARS AGO. The treatment was written but effectively killed when JJ took over. It never went further than the treatment…and no one ever pitched it…and I don’t know if Geoffrey wrote a full script. While I have been working on AXANAR, and we are building sets, etc,…I know NOTHING about a new CBS Trek series. As for currently working on something with Skydance? NO COMMENT (but if I WERE, it is NOT related to TREK in any way).

So there you have it. The rumor mill is still churning, and churn it will remain until we actually get credible proof that this beloved series is coming back.