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For anyone who has not been on the internet since ‘Game of Thrones’ premiered looking at reactions, reviews, recaps, and rumors, there is a real juicy one out there concerning the opening credits to ‘Game of Thrones.’ You see, we are all very used to the sweeping camera going over the land, showing us the cities that the episodes are going to take place in, with one of the constant locations always being Castle Black at the Wall in the North, where you can see it situated at the very north of Westeros, separating the land from the Wild and protecting the people from the White Walkers and once, the Wildlings. However, some eagle-eyed fans have noticed that this season, the ocean surrounding the wall, is not quite as blue and deep looking as it once was. In fact, it looks downright FROZEN, and icy. What does that mean for the series?

Well, the magical wall capable of holding back the White Walkers that Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch have counted on to be their primary defense might be useless now, as the Walkers may be able to simply walk AROUND the wall.

And apparently, if we had been paying attention (according to some), the sea around the wall has been gradually freezing over for some seasons now, only no one has really noticed, because it was incredibly subtle, and I know I certainly did not think such a major plot point would be revealed in the opening titles. But kudos to the ‘Game of Thrones’ folks for this, as it is actually kind of brilliant, and is a fun way of ratcheting up the tension about the White Walkers this season without continually cutting to scenes of them marching over the snow, not really doing anything.

Check out the screenshots of the gradual transition of the opening credits below, and feel free to share your thoughts and theories on the White Walkers plan and the coming of Winter in the comments section below!

Opening Credits At the Wall Season 1


Opening Credits At the Wall Season 3


Opening Credits At the Wall Season 4


Opening Credits At the Wall Season 6


Opening Credits At the Wall Season 7

Source: Collider