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Some people are just Batman people and you certainly can’t fault the definitive voice of the Caped Crusader, Kevin Conroy for being one of them.  Ever since ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ premiered in 1992, Conroy’s deep growl has become THE voice of the Dark Knight, through various series, movies and video games.  His latest direct to video film, ‘Batman and Harley Quinn’ is now available to purchase and while promoting it, the vet spoke about what makes co-star Harley Quinn so popular.  Unfortunately, he felt the need to drag Wonder Woman slightly in doing so, but read Conroy’s comments for yourself:

“There’s also a big new female audience in animation and they’re looking for more interesting characters for them. Wonder Woman is a wonderful superhero but she’s not very multidimensional whereas Harley Quinn is just nuts and just has so many different qualities that it’s fun for the female audience.”

Spoken like a true Batman person.  While some are drawn to superheroes because of the fanciful elements, others aren’t, which is why Batman has become king of the DC hill over the past several decades.  Some fans prefer someone without super powers (but with a bottomless bank account and gizmos more advanced than anything on Earth).

I’m not sure that I necessarily agree that Harley has more dimensions, per se.  She’s certainly more colorful, flirty and fun.  But it’s fitting that she originated as an animated character, as personality-wise, she has more in common with Bugs Bunny than Wonder Woman (or most other comic book characters).  But like Batman, she doesn’t have powers, so despite her cartoonish nature, she is seen as being more down-to-Earth.  Her appeal is most easily comparable to Deadpool, although he does have super powers.  (At least they aren’t overtly flashy.)  And both are typically handled with equal measures of over the top humor and edgy violence.

It’s not all laughs.  There is a hint of tragedy to her story.  She was a psychiatrist who lost her own sense of identity and fell under The Joker’s sway.  But honestly, her subservience toward the negligent-to-abusive Joker isn’t exactly a redeeming quality.   Just as people were angry at the animated adaptation of ‘The Killing Joke’ for making Batgirl a love-struck fangirl, the same could easily be said about Harley in general.

But like I said, some people are just Batman people… or Harley Quinn people and they have a preference for characters that are just barely larger-than-life.  Luckily for everyone, there are thousands of super heroes and villains out there, so whatever a fan is looking for, they should find it in one character or another.

Are you more into Harley or Wonder Woman?  Do you like your heroes and villains more super or less so?

‘Batman and Harley Quinn’ is available now on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital.

Source: Hey U Guys