Misty Knight

Rarely have fans of a show been thrilled when one of the protagonists suffered a nearly fatal injury.  But when watching the season finale of ‘The Defenders’, for Marvel Comics readers, witnessing tough-as-nails police detective Misty Knight (played by Simone Missick) have her arm sliced off by Bakuto (Ramón Rodríguez) was cause for celebration.  Why?  Because this indicated that Knight was coming more in line with her comic book counterpart.

In the comics, Knight’s arm was blown off by a bomb.  It wasn’t replaced with any run of the mill prosthetic but a bionic arm with super strength made by none other than Tony Stark.  Her original steel arm was later replaced with an indestructible one made of Vibranium and diamond with various energy blast powers including a freeze ray.  That might be a bit lofty for the more grounded Netflix shows.  Also, since Marvel Studios is no longer affiliated with Marvel’s TV division, don’t expect Saint Tony to be the one who presents Knight with her cybernetic enhancement.

While we may not learn exactly what Misty’s new arm can do, it’s clear from this newly released photo, that it isn’t a regular prosthetic, since she is using it to hold (and presumably at some point, fire) her pistol.

Misty Knight Luke Cage

Misty has always been a plain-clothes detective on ‘Luke Cage’ so it’s not evident from this photo alone whether she is still with the police department or not.  On ‘The Defenders’, Misty lost her arm helping Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) and when last seen, Colleen was visiting Misty at the hospital (owned by Danny Rand… so it’s entirely possible the cybernetic arm will come courtesy of Rand Enterprises).

In the comics, Misty and Colleen (referred to as the Daughters of the Dragon) formed their own private investigation company, Knight Wing Investigations.  But that may infringe too much on ‘Jessica Jones’ territory, as the Netflix Marvel Universe’s resident super sleuth.

We probably won’t find out exactly what happens to Misty until ‘Luke Cage’ S2 arrives next year, most likely in late summer after ‘Jessica Jones’ S2.  ‘Daredevil’ S3 is also due in 2018, in fall/winter.

Are you excited that Misty Knight is getting closer to her comic book depiction?

Source: Entertainment Weekly